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Vegas Cycling Community,


Thank you for your support of LUV2bike Magazine.  Our shared vision to help grow the sport of cycling in the Vegas Valley and surrounding areas has continued to become a reality!  With many organized and “unorganized” rides scheduled, it is easy for new athletes to get involved as well as providing goals for more experienced riders.


This town is a Mecca for cyclists of all abilities and disciplines.  Some of the keys to a great community are to support the sport without caring who gets the credit and treating every cyclist, new and advanced, as you would a seasoned veteran. 


I would ask all of you to continue to seek out opportunities to help grow the sport.


Due to job relocation, we will neither be putting out another magazine nor maintaining the website.


There is a great website at to keep the community connected.


It has been our pleasure to help do our part to grow the sport and we look forward to seeing each of you in the future, further down the road.


V R,


Bill Woolf

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